Conférences de Pr. Hyunjoo Naomi Chi, Université de Hokkaido, 27-28/11/2017

Pr. Hyunjoo Naomi Chi (Université de Hokkaido) donnera deux conférences le 27 et 28 novembre prochains.

Lundi 27 novembre – 12h30 – Salle 5.21 – Inalco 

“If These Wings Could Fly »: Politics of Mobility and Migration in East Asia
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The practices, discourses and experiences of migration and diasporas, or the border-crossing and mobility of people, are an integral part of the history of modern East Asia. Moreover, such experiences are connected to global orders of modernity, colonialism, the Cold War, and globalization. This lecture will examine various issues of migration and border crossing phenomena such as undocumented migration, stowaway and repatriation in East Asia. The lecture will focus on the following: (1) to examine the various ways in which ethnic and national identities of migrants are defined, institutionalized, and reproduced, (2) to shed light on the “untold” tales of migration in East Asia and how that has affected the complex trans-bordered sphere of life of both Koreans and Japanese after 1945, and lastly (3) to explore ways to reconceptualise “migration” in East Asia through the various case studies. By exploring the experiences of the people who crossed and re-crossed the physical borders between Japan and Korea will demonstrate that migration or the movement of people between these borders is not a simple tale, but rather an intricate web of intersecting identities and borders. 
Mardi 28 novembre – 14h – Amphi 8 – Inalco  
Where Gender Meets Migration: Intersectionality of Gender, Ethnicity, and Class in East Asia
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Rapid industralization, economic growth and urbanization have resulted in an influx of international migrants to East Asia since the 1980s. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the migration of women, which is an illustration of the global trend of feminization of migration. Consequently, the increase of migration (both legal and undocumented) in this region has brought about new avenue for exploitation. This lecture will explore the gender dimension within the dynamics of international marriages and labour migrants in domestic and care work in East Asia including the factors such as the “agency” vs. “immobility” of these women, the difficulties in mainstreaming, the victimization of these women and consider how cultural and institutional factors determine national policies towards marriage, care and migration. In terms of methodology, the lecturer relies on primary and secondary sources such as government documents, reports by international and domestic organizations as well as insights obtained from extensive field work including interviews with policy makers, public lawyers, human rights activists and migrants themselves.


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