Conférence “Under the emerald Sky – The Iconography of the Banana Plant in Chinese Art” Uta Lauer, 15/02/2018

 The banana plant is an ubiquitous motif in Chinese painting, on porcelain, lacquer, and carvings. Over time, the banana plant developed from a background motif to a motif of its own right. There are various banana related motives with differing symbolism, like the banana in the snow, banana and ladies, as a Buddhist motif and more. Thus, this is an open iconography. This lecture will explore the multiple iconographic aspects and offer a method to decode this complex motif

Uta Lauer is a Senior Fellow at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou and an associated researcher at the Center for Manuscript Cultures of Asia, Africa and Europe at Hamburg University. She received her Ph:D. from Heidelberg University and has since taught at a number of Universities including Heidelberg, Shanghai, Stockholm and Hamburg. Her publications concern mainly traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy.
Dates : Jeudi 15 février 2018 – 12:30
Lieu : Auditorium – Inalco – 65 rue des Grands Moulins 75013 Paris

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