Subnational Economic Development in India and China

L’équipe ASIEs (Inalco) organise conjointement avec le CEIAS (EHESS) un séminaire international qui se déroulera les 11 et 12 mai prochains (2 rue de Lille) sur le sujet suivant : « Subnational Economic Development in India and China: The Role of Local Variables in Rescaling and Restructuring Processes ».

Lundi 11 mai :

9h – 9h30 : Welcome
9h30 – 10h30 : Introduction

Morning session : Subnational economic development policies to build global competitiveness

  • Rescaling and Restructuring Processes in China: the role of China Development Bank
    Gao Jian, former Vice-Governor of the China Development Bank
  • New growth strategies and labour market linkages: An exploratory Exercise based on select sectors in Chennai, southern India
    M. Vijayabaskar, Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai
  • State restructuring and subnational innovation spaces across Chinese prefectures
    Giorgio Prodi, University of Ferrara
  • Diverging Interests: Central and Local Governments, Industrial Policies and the Issue of Industrial Overcapacities in China
    Markus Taube, Mercator School of Management, University Duisburg-Essen

13h – 14h15 : Lunch break

Afternoon session : Scalar dynamics in sector-wise restructuring

  • Joint ventures as learning and developmental instruments. Lessons from the automotive industry in India and China
    Giovanni Balcet, Torino University
  • Competition, control and cooperation in the automobile sector in China
    Xavier Richet, University Sorbonne nouvelle, Paris
  • The Development of China’s Biopharmaceutical Industry: A Multiscalar Analysis
    Marcus Conlé, Mercator School of Management, University Duisburg-Essen

Mardi 12 mai :

9h30 : Morning Session : Local and regional development: city-regions as growth engines

  • Pearl River Delta industrial upgrading policy: the case of Shunde
    Qiu Haixiong, Research Institute for Social Development, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou
  • State restructuring and urban development policies in India
    Loraine Kennedy, CNRS, CEIAS, EHESS, Paris
  • Innovation-driven strategy of China’s Pearl River Delta: Firms, Ecosystems, and Policy Implications
    Zhao Wei, ESSCA School of Management, Angers
  • Dispersion or concentration? Growth dynamics, small towns and metropolitan areas in India
    Eric Denis, CNRS, Géo-Cités, University Paris 1

13h – 14h : Lunch break

Afternoon session : Scalar restructuring of state power: implications for the social and environmental regulation of economic activities

  • Under Different Domes? Restructurings in municipal governance in the course of China’s new ‘air’ policies
    Anna Ahlers, IKOS, University of Oslo
  • Rescaling processes in environmental governance in India: a project sketch
    Damien Krichewsky, FIW, University of Bonn
  • Cleaning the local government fiscal “mess”: impact on state rescaling and on economic and social reforms?
    Jean-François Huchet, ASIEs, INALCO, Paris

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