Summary of Crimes, un film de Xu Xing – Projection en présence du réalisateur – 31 mai 2016

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Affiche - Summary of Crimes - 31 mai Summary of Crimes, un film de Xu Xing

Date : mardi 31 mai 2016 (17h-20h)
Lieu : Inalco, 65 rue des Grands Moulins 75013 Paris, Amphi 3




Much of what we know about China’s Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) concerns the experience of officials and intellectuals.  Our understanding of these “ten years of turmoil,” which erupted almost fifty years ago, is therefore urban, with a focus on the China’s political and cultural elites.

In his new film “Summary of Crimes,” director Xu Xing tackles the question of what happened in the countryside and at the grassroots, in interviews with a group of peasants convicted as counterrevolutionaries during the Cultural Revolution.  For many years these peasants had no way of articulating their past sufferings, nor did society at large have any way of accessing the way the Cultural Revolution marked their life courses.

Les mots du réalisateur

 En 2011, j’ai trouvé par hasard, postés sur un blog, des formulaires d’enregistrement de prisonniers.Ils avaient été condamné pendant la Révolution Culturelle comme  » contre-révolutionnaires ».  La plupart de ces « criminels » étaient des paysans. Ils venaient de différentes régions de la province du Zhejiang, et avaient tous purgé leur peine dans le camp de travail agricole de Shilifeng, près de la ville de Quzhou. En lisant ces tristes formulaires, j’ai tout de suite eu envie de partir à leur rencontre. S’il y a une classe sociale qui est rarement évoquée dans les recherches sur la Révolution Culturelle, c’est bien celle des paysans. Je voulais savoir ce qu’ils avaient vécu dans ce camp, et ce qu’ils étaient devenus. Alors, armé des photocopies de ces papiers jaunis, j’ai commencé mon voyage au Zhejiang.


Xu Xing

1956 : Born in Beijing, China
1985 – 1989 : First Chinese fiction Variations Without a Theme published
1986 : Won short story prize at Beijing University Arts Festival
Five Stories translated and published in Japanese
1990 : Won Writer’s Association of Sweden (PEN International) Tucholsky Prize for Foreign Literature at a conference in Stockholm
Participated in the establishment of the influential literary magazine Jintian (Today)
Lecturer in Asian Art History at Heidelberg University
1991–1992 : Special Achievement Award, including a residency at the Heinrich Boell-Haus Langenborch near Koeln
First French translation of novel Le Crabe a lunettes, published by Julliard
1993 : Lived in Heidelberg, Germany
Attended a conference on exile literature in Heidelberg
1994 : Noted in the Observateur 30th 240 ecrivains une Journee du monde (Observer Magazine, one of the 240 Writers of the World) in 1994 France
1995 : Italian translation of novel, Quel Che Resta E’Tuo published by Edizioni Theoria
1998 : First English translation of novel Variations Without a Theme: And Other Stories by Xu Xing published by Wild Peony Ltd
2002 : Directed independent documentary film Faces on the Cave Wall
French translation of novel Et tout ce qui reste est pour toi published by Editions de l’Olivier
Awarded the order of ‘Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres’ by the French Ministry of Culture
2004 : Hosted the ‘Xu Xing Studio’ at the Chinese School of Frankfurt University, Germany
Third edition of Variations Sans Theme published by Editions de l’Olivier
2004 : German translation of novel Und alles,was bleibt ist fur dich is published, with Italian E quel che resta e per te and Spanish versions appearing in the same year
2005–2007 : Directed the documentary film A Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution with France TV5
2008 : Received the Feuchtwanger Fellowship for Villa Aurora, Los Angeles.
Visiting scholar at USC from January till December Screening of A Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution, University of San Diego, UCLA, University of South California, Pittsburg University, Harvard University, Columbia University
Judge of the 9th Asian Film Festival in Roma. (Incontri con il cinema Asiatico-9)
2009 :  Invited for the German Screening of A Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution in Berlin
Participated in the Aix-en-Provence Asian Literature Forum in France, as a panelist at the forum for the Chinese Literature
Panelist at the Heidelberg State Library Reading Forum La Fondation Maison des Sciences de L’Homme: Forum on  A Chronicle of My Cultural Revolution
Judge of the 10th Asian Film Festival in Roma. (Incontri con il cinema Asiatico-10)
2010 : Co-operation with Italian Film Director Andrea Cavazutti on a new documentary film on an artist’s community in Songzhuang (Beijing) 5+5
2010 : Independent production of a short documentary Huaqiu
2010 : Invitated to the University of Venice and Napoli in Italy for the screening of 5+5
2011 : Award of Forum for Independent Documentary (AIF)
2012 : Award for documentary Guiyuan
2013 : Award for independent documentary Summary of Crime
2014 : Award at the Fifth Korean Festival for exceptional work: Guanghuamen
2014 :  Participated in the St. Malo (France) Literature Festival with contributions on Chinese Literature
2015–2016 : Invited as a visiting scholar to Harvard, Yale, Duke, and Columbia universities, as well as the universities of Heidelberg, Edinburgh, Vienna, Freiburg, and Naples, and the German Feuchtwanger Fellowship, including showings of the film Summary of Crimes.


Contact : <jean-franç>

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