An Early Gesar bsang Text – Conférence de George FitzHerbert – 16 novembre 2016

L’équipe ASIEs vous invite à une conférence, coorganisée avec le CNRS et le CRCAO :

“An Early Gesar bsang Text” par George FitzHerbert
Projet ERC “The Tibetan Army of the Dalai Lamas, 1642-1959” (TibArmy)


© Ge-sar cham à A-phyug (réputé être le lieu de naissance de Ge-sar, près de Sde-dge), photo de Barbara Hazelton.


Date : Mercredi 16 novembre 2016 (18h15-19h15)
Lieu: Inalco (salle 3.15), Pôle des Langues et Civilisations, 65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris


This talk will introduce what appears to be an early—and perhaps our earliest—Tibetan Gesar bsang (smoke purification) ritual text. The talk will explore some of the «layers» discernible in this text’s rich presentation of Gesar as an apotheosised folkloric figure. It will also explore the issues around dating and attributing the text. The attribution to Karma Pakshi (suggested by others) is ultimately rejected in favour of a tentative attribution to Yongs-dge mi-’gyur rdo-rje (1628/41-1704), a gter-ston from Nang-chen who is famous for his visionary Karma Pakshi sādhana. This attribution would make sense in light of what we already know about the evolution of the Buddhist cult of Gesar in eastern Tibet (particularly in the Sde-dge region) from the mid 17th century.

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